Crafty Construction

I took a break from sewing/crocheting/etc. last¬†weekend to work on an unusual-for-me but related project: a custom cutting table! I’m slowly planning my sewing space in our evolving basement and I can’t wait to have some flat surfaces to stash all my stuff. My dining table (and husband) will thank me when it’s all done ūüôā

I took most of my direction from Ashley at Make It & Love It. I wanted to add a little different detail, so instead of buying the legs available at Ikea, I found this option at Home Depot:


Imagine those on this (use your imagination with the scale!):

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA Choose whether you want to hang it on the wall or stand it on the floor.

My sister, whose eye I trust more than my own when it comes to artsy things (hi, Alana!), suffered through a trip to the HD with me pick out paint. I was envisioning a fun color in a darker range so that I could play around with pops of other colors in the space without it feeling too crazy. She convinced me to try something a little more interesting. Two quarts of high gloss, two sample pots, and one can of Polycrylic later, here’s (roughly) what we came up with:

Table layout

I’ll update with¬†the actual color names when the table is finished. Since so little is needed for the legs I opted for a sample pot of the darker shade, and a purple to use as an accent, which only comes in flat. Since I want it to feel¬†all shiny and new, I’ll finish any items in those colors with a clear gloss¬†spray. I still need to get a¬†door to use as the top, which will also be painted white.

This would be finished sooner, but I got distracted from my distraction and sewed my first purse over the last couple days! I love it and will for sure have to post about it soon. Hopefully not too long after that I’ll have the completed table to share.

(I think I need a killer sign-off phrase, as I never know how to end my posts. Think¬†Robin Scherbatsky would mind if I borrowed hers? “May the road ahead¬†be lit with dreams and tomorrows.¬†Which are lit with dreams, also.” Open to suggestions!)

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  1. Suffer through I did not! Yay paint!
    As for sign-off phrases, maybe you could switch it up each post. Quote something different each time. Like Mork & Mindy (hint hint).

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