Getting organized

I ❤️ spreadsheets. Five-plus years ago, I worked at a company that used an insanely outdated version of Microsoft Office; this did not make me love spreadsheets. Luckily, for many reasons other than ancient software, I no longer work there and can now appreciate the beauty of complex filtering and inserting columns without turning the filters off. 

I was wandering Jo-Ann’s the other day, petting fabric I didn’t need and had no immediate plans for, when I thought about how nice it would be to have a master list of the patterns I’ve accumulated. Then, instead of relying on the same patterns time and again, I could easily peruse my options – as well as buy an appropriate length of fabric. Combining this with the above mentioned feeling regarding spreadsheets, and my pattern data file was born: 

I’ve yet to decide the best way to sort (designer? Pattern type? Size range?), but I’m pretty happy with the potential here. Farther to the right is a column to indicate whether I’ve used the pattern; today “yes” is a pretty small percentage. I’m curious to see how much I can improve it this year, so I’m putting my starting stats below. Hopefully this will be the impetus I need to try something new!

  • Patterns: 92*
  • Made: 32

*Don’t worry, Dan, many of these were free!

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