Getting Started

Starting a project is always the hardest part. I can be super excited about an idea and spend lots of time imagining the finished product and planning my steps, but by the time I have the supplies in hand and the opportunity to sit down with my tools, something stops me. What if I screw it up and waste the materials? What if it doesn’t turn out as cute as I anticipated? Then the next day I’m daydreaming on my way to work again and kicking myself for not just sucking it up and getting to it.

Of course, continuing or finishing projects sometimes trips me up too, as my four-year-old’s unhemmed curtains or my pile of crocheted bunny body parts would tell you! I have quite a stash of yarn and fabric that’s being just as wasted sitting in my basement as it would be if I made something unusable with it, so I have a new goal: do stuff. When the kids go to bed, or when they’re up and asking to watch yet another Curious George, pull out the crafts! Get them involved or tell my husband I need some “me time” in my craft cave.
I won’t make any promises, but this is what you’ll likely see here:

  • Bulleted lists (not really the point, but I do enjoy bullets).
  • Sewing projects – home stuff (curtains, pillows), kid stuff (stuffed animals, clothes), me stuff (clothes, accessories). I bought my first sewing machine in 2009 and have taught myself along the way with the help of the internet; I am no means an expert.
  • Yarn projects – crocheting (mostly rectangular items – maybe I can get out of this rut!), loom knitting (I am very┬ábrand new to this and I’m excited about the possibilities).
  • Food – I love to bake and tried to keep up a cooking blog for a short while, so chances are good that occasional recipes will show up here.
The stash
A sampling of my fabric hoard. I may or may not have small piles in several other rooms around the house…and that’s not even counting my yarn supply.

What you won’t see: stellar photography, unless my talented niece shows up with her DSLR. Sorry, not one of my skills! Other tangentially relevant facts about me: I have a four-year-old daughter and a 19-month-old son, I love to sing, I work full-time (God bless toddler and preschool teachers, that’s a job I could never do!), and I was a journalism major in college, but my skills in that area may be rusty.

I hope this is fun for you to read and for me to write!

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