My latest ambition

I might have too many credit cards, because I can’t find a wallet that has enough card slots for my liking. Between those, my driver’s license, reward cards, and insurance cards, six or eight slots just won’t do. So I’m making my own, with my own pattern as nothing I’ve found online is quite right. My wishlist includes:

  • Lots of card slots
  • Zippered pocket for cash (first time doing a zipper!)
  • Accordion pocket for coupons, receipts, checks, etc., wide enough so I can stick my phone/keys in there and use it as a clutch
  • Magnetic snap on a flap closure (also my first time installing one of these)
  • Possibly a wrist¬†strap on the outside and/or a small clip for my keys

I’m diving right in, using fat quarters I’ve had hanging around as draft pieces. If everything goes alright, I may rework some portions with some quilting cotton I purchased a few years ago and never had any plans for. It looks like I’ll have 16 card slots. Wish me luck as I attempt a zipper next!


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