Owl blankey

A few months ago, I stumbled on fatquartershop.com‘s 24 hour flash sale. For good or bad, I am now in the habit of checking it daily. Last month, I caught Riley Blake’s Happy Harvest and thought it would make a great quilt for my son.

Happy Harvest


Never mind the fact that I had never made a quilt before. I had been wanting to try something with precuts, so I grabbed a couple Rolie Polies (2.5″ precut strips) along with some yardage for the backing, binding, and borders. Looking back at my order history, I’m pretty impressed with myself – I placed the order on August 5th and finished the quilt today, September 7th. Factoring in shipping time, I did a fairly labor-intensive project from start to finish in under a month!


I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Instead of working from a pattern, I came up with an idea and ran with it. The solid strips have a wood grain texture, so I thought I could place them vertically to feel like trees against the horizontally striped background.



I ended up buying another yard off of Etsy (for significantly more than I paid on FQS) for the backing. I knew it wouldn’t be enough, but I had strips leftover so I could piece together a big enough panel. I went more random for this area, cutting down my scraps to different lengths and worrying less about like colors and patterns touching each other.

Then there was the part I was most worried about – the actual quilting. This is how I get hung up on projects: if something goes well at first, I’m nervous to continue in case I should wreck what I’ve done so far. I know people will send out their pieced panels to have professional quilters do the hard part…what makes me think I can maneuver all this fabric through my non-industrial machine? In the end, I was surprised at how fast it all went. I basted with safety pins after polling the internet on the benefits of that versus adhesive spray. My idea for a quilting pattern was part of what had me motivated to get this completed. Instead of just a bunch of vertical lines or Xes, I quilted it in a big N for Noah (which unfortunately is hard to see in photos). Somehow I managed to do all of the quilting yesterday and finished up the binding today.


I think he likes it alright. Oh, and the title of the post? When the fabric was delivered, I showed him and pointed out the owl patterns. He wandered off like he couldn’t care less, but later he started talking about his owl blankey. Whenever he caught a glimpse of my work in progress, he would call it out again, reminding me that he knew it was his.

Of course, now I have another collection on hand for a quilt for his big sister. I didn’t have this one done for a full hour before she was asking why I hadn’t started on hers yet. Guess I had better get to work!


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