PSA: Iron temperature matters

Gather round and I’ll tell you the tale of the time I melted the shirt I just finished sewing.

…wait, did I spoil the ending?

I have a habit of picking up a pattern or two from Jo-Ann’s when they’re on sale for $1. Simplicity 1916 was a fairly recent addition to my stash and when had a knit sale around Thanksgiving, I saw the perfect opportunity to expand my work wardrobe. Simplicity 1916

I picked a very drapey nylon-spandex blend for view A. I’m torn between two ways of thinking about a print fabric for this style: either the print doesn’t do it justice as it makes it hard to see the gathering detail, or a print is a good way to camouflage any errant stitches in a design element that gets away from a straight seam.

Option 3: a busy print makes it harder to see where you melted the synthetic fabric while trying to steam your hem flat:

I'm melting
Mmm, crunchy.

Hard to see? It’s easier to see on the iron.

Iron abuse.
Iron abuse.

New adventure for the new year, learning how to clean my iron and deciding how to salvage the hem of my new shirt. Also, double checking fabric content and iron settings before going too crazy.

Can you find it?
Can you find it?

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