Quick sews

I had time to sew last weekend, but was reluctant to start on my next big project – Greta’s Elsa dress for Halloween. Instead, I went for a couple quick projects for instant satisfaction:

My friend and her twins I made turtles for a couple months ago? They’re moving out of state, which means I’m losing another work friend (sad face). I was toying with the idea of making a going-away present when she mentioned a lack of hats for the babies. I found cute fleece in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann’s and whipped these up with some guidance from Martha. They aren’t exactly the same size and I wasn’t sure if they would even fit the babies, but I think they worked out okay!F0SyEZ2PEaW07WB0.jpg

We have bed pillows on our couch. It’s cool, because I like to sleep there (much to my husband’s chagrin), but it’s probably time to get grown-up throw pillows. Said husband even suggested it for the couch we recently moved to the basement. I squirreled away some cloth napkins I found on clearance a few years ago, so I busted out two in fall-ish colors and re-purposed them. I even went with a zipper closure instead of an envelope/flap style. I must be getting brave!Jaow6V1BRKFyEORH.jpg

I did at least cut out pattern pieces for Greta’s costume this weekend. With less than 2 weeks to Halloween, I can’t push it off much longer!

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