Rosie in batik

Did I ever tell you about my purse? I love my purse. The bird bag felt a little too springy going into fall/winter last year, so I knew I wanted to make myself something a bit darker. For Mother’s Day last year I got a bundle of patterns from Swoon and, shamefully, didn’t jump right into making any of them. After much debate, I decided the Rosie cross body bag was what I was looking for.


I had bought myself a pack of batiks from Craftsy with no real plans for them; they were just so pretty! Turns out the one yard cuts are perfect for bag making. I combined one with a solid gray so the batik would stand out and I was even able to find a coordinating zipper in my stash. What to use for the lining was another debate, but I eventually settled on a bright blue for contrast; after all, only I would really see it and maybe it would keep me from losing things in the depths of the bag.


I didn’t stray far from the pattern. I skipped the interior zipper, knowing that I was apt to never close it. I modified the strap slightly as shown in some of the example photos on the website to use my contrast fabric on one side.


My regret? Not scotch guarding it as soon as it was done. It’s definitely starting to get a bit dingy, but I’m disinclined to wash it lest it should come out irrevocably misshapen. Now that it’s warm out again, maybe I should make a summer version. Or perhaps move on to a Della wallet…oh, decisions!