Twin turtles

The day before my little one’s second birthday, a work friend of mine had twins! I don’t know if it was just because there would be two babies, but I was super excited and kept thinking up fun things I could make for them. In the end, I (and my gift for procrastination) held myself back to just stuffed turtles; we’re not that close, and it would have been weird if I showed up with armloads of presents for her offspring.

I’ve made turtles for both of my kids from this pattern courtesy of Ashley at Make It & Love It. Each one I make turns out progressively less lopsided as I gain more experience sewing curves. The second one I made also taught me to sew the smallest shapes (head and tail) before I cut them out – much easier to avoid bunching up under the needle. These are great for using up leftover scraps or smaller remnants that jump in my basket of their own accord when JoAnn’s has 50% off (what, just me?).

Greta's turtle - attempt 1
Greta’s turtle – attempt 1

I used minky/cuddle fabrics for the bodies on the newest toys, but did (mostly) quilting cotton for my first two. You could fuse a woven interfacing to any pieces with stretch before you start sewing, but I like to play it fast and loose and just dealt with any stretchiness as I went.

Noah's turtle - attempt 2
Noah’s turtle – attempt 2

The hallmark of a successful project – the recipient didn’t realize they were handmade until I slipped it into the conversation. Overall, a pretty quick sew (with a little practice) and very satisfying results!

Attempts 3 & 4
Attempts 3 & 4

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